Typical scenario

A typical case scenario in the RA7 system

Implementing RA7 in your organization


RA7 system is designed to stop fraud at the door - meaning 100% of the relevant incoming calls will be screened using the RA7 Agent’s "real-time" mode. Once the test ends, the case report and analysis are created automatically and are added to the database.


The relevant manager reviews the cases completed and makes the decision about the cases that should be further investigated. A case can be assigned to any specific investigator in the system with a one-click operation or can be sent to anyone outside the local RA7 network using encrypted email.


If the case is forwarded to investigation, it will now appear in the selected investigator’s database. The investigator can now replay the recordings, review the comments and use the RA7 deep analysis tools to find the ways to better counter the fraudulent attempt.