The RA7 system

Implementing RA7 in your organization

RA7 is a set of simple and easy to use software tools and processes, based on Nemesysco’s proprietary Layered Voice Analysis technology (LVA™), designed to detect and measure changes in the evaluated party’s emotional reactions.

Based on 20 years of research and technology development, RA7 system offers:

  • 1 Complete solution - A multilevel centralized fraud prevention system providing dedicated interfaces to each user in your organization.
  • 1 day agent’s training - Contact center agents are not required to become professional investigators - Agent’s training is as simple as “follow these on-screen instructions…”.
  • 100 % call coverage - Capture and screen through ALL telephone calls right where they start, at the contact center level.
  • Streamline & standardize investigation procedures - Ensure all cases are initially treated the same, following internal protocols and guidelines you create and we operationalize.
  • Unbiased. Informing. Precise. - Make impartial decisions based on repeating, verifiable and precise information.

RA7 is a Conversation Management and a Risk Assessment tool, NOT a “Lie Detector”

Multilevel architecture

RA7 system is designed to streamline and expedite any risk analysis process by providing (where applicable) different system interfaces and tools for your contact center agents, underwriters, claims adjusters, investigators and managers.

The contact center level tools will guide the agent through proper interview scripts designed to cross check and validate different relevant topics. Once the call has ended, a full analysis is automatically performed on the recorded call and the Risk Report is generated.

The Claims Manager/Underwriter screens will easily point to the irregular cases, highlighting the topics that are worthy of further investigation.


Any case NOT identified as irregular (meaning, Low Risk cases) can be forwarded to the Fast Track process. Medium Risk cases, in which most likely the base story is true, but some of the details are inaccurate, can often be settled with a follow-up call over the phone.

If a case is determined to be High Risk it will undergo a third review by professional investigators in the RA7 system. Investigators’ interface displays precise analysis for each voice segment, identifying the exact topics to be clarified. In most cases, a direct phone call for clarification or a short field visit can reveal relevant information that will determine the actual case status and the fraud it contains.

Nemesysco’s RA7 can be used in many financial fields:

  • Claim submission and processing - Initial screening, providing automated first level indication for professional review.
  • Periodic “over the phone” status verification - Identify cases where a change of circumstances occurred.
  • Know Your Customer (KYC) - Perform "Know Your Customer" procedures in a structured and a most informative manner.
  • Insurance underwriting - Conduct risk assessment and screening in order to identify in advance high risk policies.
  • Credit risk assessment - Verify the intentions and true financial capabilities of your applicant.