Implementing RA7

Stop fraud at the first point of contact.

Provide superior service to your legitimate customers at their time of need.

Implementing RA7 in your organization

Needs, IT and installation:

Every RA7 project begins with a preparation meeting designed to learn about your organization unique needs. This meeting will prepare the grounds for our joint work, and together we’ll design the process in which RA7 can be used to meet your expectations.

  • Addressing the current claim processing methodology and needs
  • Understand Legal and IT operational concerns
  • Form the basis for the “conversation scripts” to be used

Our experts will take it from there.

Training & Mentoring

Everybody can use RA7. Our instructors will prepare a training program for each level of users in the RA7 system to ensure proper use and efficiency. We will train relevant staff and investigators as future trainers, to ensure knowledge can be shared easily inside your organization. Further training and mentoring plans will be coordinated as needed.

Follow-up and support

Nemesysco and its local representatives are always happy to take your call, work with you on new scripts and update procedures as may be needed.

Conversation scripts design -
concept and use

To achieve optimal analysis and enable the automated report generation at the contact center level, RA7 utilizes carefully designed conversation scripts to guide the agent through the different expected scenarios. These scripts are custom made for each insurer, taking into account the type of risks you face and your investigation unit needs.

The RA7 analysis report is automatically generated based on the emotional content of the answers given in response to the script’s questions.

Using the conversation scripts ensures that all the essential information is gathered by the contact center agent and provides uniformity to the fact-gathering process.