Case studies

RA7 Case studies - Based on accumulated data from RA7 systems around the world

RA7 Fraud prevention solution - Small claims real-time negotiation (Slovakia, 2013)

With RA7 installed in 2013, it was discovered that small value claims present higher risk in percentage compared to high value claims. Until the RA7 implementation, the company did not check about 40K EU in monthly payouts. RA7 revealed that 44% of these small claims contain ellements of fraud and exaggraed claims.

RA7 Fraud Detection Solution accuracy test - Earth quake damages (Hungary, 2011)

A case study evaluated claims recived following a 4.3 magnitude earthquake in Hungary on Saturday, January 29, 2011 at 17:41.

The day after the earthquake: 163 claims were submitted over the phone with the company. The RA7 results revealed the followings:

  • The further away from the epicenter of the quake - the more fraudulent claims were recorded
  • RA7 Operators were able to handle and defeat the identified fraudulent claims using real-time negotiations over the phone
  • 119 claims were found to be truthful & 44 claims (27%) to be fraudulent

RA7 Fraud prevention solution - Risk cases by type of claims (Spain, 2012)

During the period of January to November 2012, 218 fraud cases have been identified, analyzed and rejected generating savings for the company of over €230,000 with only 4 active licenses of RA7 (average savings of over 5,750 Euros per seat/per month). 

RA7 Fraud prevention solution at Censeo Risk Management (South Africa, 2014)

During 2014, Censeo analyzed a total of 30,000 insurance  claims, which were flagged as “Risk” by Predictive Analytics systems at insurance companies and sent to Censeo.
Using RA7 to conduct short interview with claimants, about 20,000 claims (70%) were found to be “Low Risk” and decision was made not to investigate further.

This improved customer service to the rightful claimants, as well as saving just about $15,000,000* in travels and expenses.

*Based on $750 investigation cost per case